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On Education – Trust Parents, Not Politicians

Recent comments by Senator Jeanne Dietsch, from right here in Peterborough, have put education choice in the spotlight.

While I strongly disagree with the Senator’s comments, I am glad to see the conversation happening. Education is a highly important issue to me as the father of a young family. Even as a carpenter.

Commissioner of Education Frank Edelblut pushed for education reform from the day he was confirmed, and has put forth some very innovative ideas that remove government barriers to children receiving an education that best suits them, which all children deserve.

The Learn Everywhere program, the program Senator Dietsch was commenting on, is a state-based approach to programs that currently exist. Currently, each school district must individually adopt extended learning opportunities.

Commissioner Edelblut’s program, Learn Everywhere, makes these ELOs state-wide and requires school districts to accept these programs for credit. Each program would receive careful review from the Department and Board of Education, and only be accepted if they meet specific criteria.

To suggest that parents would not know which programs to utilize because they aren’t educated enough is ludicrous. Parents absolutely know which programs will benefit their childrens’ education!

To further suggest that children of carpenters should only listen to their father if they want to become a carpenter was poorly worded, at best.

Elected officials should not pretend to know what’s best for students, and should definitely not pretend to know better than parents of those students.

We must trust and empower parents and students to make decisions about their education as one-size-fits-all approaches never work for all.

As your State Representative, I will back programs that do just that – put the power into the hands of parents.

As a father, I will have to make decisions about my children’s education, and the power to make those decisions ends with my wife and me.

I won’t pretend to know what is best for your child, and won’t attempt to decide for you, nor should any politician.

I will stand for choice, for freedom. Public school works well for most children, but parents who want to opt-out to homeschool or send their kids to private schools, public charter schools, or even religious schools should be supported and empowered, not belittled and ridiculed.

You know what is best for your children, and I stand with you.

Chip in a few bucks today, and help us achieve education freedom in New Hampshire!

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